St. Petersburg National Day of Civic Hacking 2016


Pre-Registration for St. Pete National Day of Civic Hacking is now closed (we had to get the food orders in!) . But if you're interested in coming by the event, please get in touch via the Contact Page and let us know.   We'll be out of shirts, and no guarantees on food, but you can see what  a National Day of Civic Hacking event looks like, hang out with some cool people, maybe learn a few new things, and maybe we can learn from you!  

The 2016 St. Pete National Day of Civic Hacking is  St. Petersburg, Florida's first Hack for Change event!   The event will be held June 4th, 2016, at The Iron Yard in St. Petersburg, at 260 1st Ave S Suite 300.  Registration is closed now, but you're welcome to drop by and see St. Pete Hack for Change in action and jump in wherever you'd like!

St. Pete National Day of Civic Hacking abides by the Code for America Code of Conduct and Anti Harrassment Policy guiding all Brigade interactions and events.

Use GitHub!

If you're joining us to Hack for Change in St. Pete or for civic engagement year round,  it'll help to have a GitHub account to contribute.  It is free and easy - just go to and follow the instructions.  Once you’ve got your GitHub account, ahead on over to our 2016 National Day of Civic Hacking repository on GitHub at and you'll be all set!                                                                      

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We welcome event sponsors at all levels for the 2016 St. Pete NDCH event, from in-kind support for meals, coffee and other beverages and snacks, and swag, to financial support.  Please review our event sponsorship package here.










If you would like to Hack for Change in Tampa, please visit Tampa Innovation Alliance Codapalooza page to learn more about Tampa's National Day of Civic Hacking weekend event, also produced with support of Code for Tampa Bay Brigade.

Projects Data

  Click here or on the image at left to visit the St. Pete National Day of Civic Hacking GitHub Wiki to see current datasets and information resources for the 2016  Hack for Change event.








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About St. Pete National Day of Civic Hacking


St. Pete National Day of Civic Hacking is collaboratively organized by Code for Tampa Bay Brigade and the Iron Yard Tampa Bay, with support from The Greenhouse, itself a collaboration between the City of St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce.


Event Goals

The idea of National Day of Civic Hacking is to come up with some solid real time solutions to community needs and challenges, either those that will be listed below, Code for America Challenges, or others you may be interested in exploring or developing.   Completing apps or projects during the event is great, but not necessary.  Proof of concept applications with well developed frameworks are just as important, and will be considered equally with completed projects as potential solutions that can be built out further in the days and weeks after our event.  

This event, like all Code for Tampa Bay Brigade programs and meet ups , abides by the Code for America Code of Conduct

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The Challenges

The Challenges that are listed here are those identifed by organizations and agencies, and community members seeking help on community efforts.  Participants aren't limited to working on these projects, but these are needs which have been identified in our community and welcome support in addressing.  Available data for projects  will be listed in the St. Pete NDCH Wiki on Github as they become available prior to the event.

St Petersburg Challenges

Support Our Schools
A project of the St. Petersburg office of Education and Community Engagement
We’ll be working to build a digital platform that provides an easily accessible mode of communication to inform the public about the critical social services relating to successful educational outcomes in the City of St. Petersburg.  The project has the  secondary goal of connecting providers and resources with the segment of the population with the greatest need.  Parents and students would be able to use this tool to find resources related to mentoring, tutoring, mental health counseling, and medical care.  Conversely, mentors, tutors, and other service providers should be able to use this tool to volunteer their services.  

Healthy St. Pete Initiative
This project  aims for the creation of an application designed for health care providers and social workers  to better address food insecurity by showing food banks,  pantries, and meal providers, showing accessibility along bus routes and other common routes and gathering places

Economic Landscape App
The challenge here is to create an application that allows users to search by zip code on different areas to help determine current social and economic indicators of community health  based on sales tax, crime data, area business classifications, community health issues or trends, and educational outcomes, which can also function as a predictive technology to determine how improvements or changes in one or more of these classifications may effect the economic landscape of the area over time.  Maybe call this the Economic Butterfly Effect app!

Map Jam 3.0

We'll also be aggregating resources to Map Tampa Bay! as part of #MapJam 3.0 happening this week as part of Global Sharing Week . #MapJam 3.0 builds upon past campaigns, during which hundreds of mappers came together in nearly 100 cities to map public resources. Our Map Jam in St. Pete will be the first one in Florida, and we're happy to join in the creation of a global open source sharing map linking all of the local maps together.




National Challenges

There are also several Brigade Challenges for National Day of Civic Hacking with which Code for America would appreciate help. These challenges are related to getting a better idea of what digital government services are like and how they differ across the country. After National Day, Code for America will package everything together into a single document that tells the story of digital government services in America.  These challenges can be done prior to national day in order to give local groups flexibility in what they do on the actual day. 

The  National Day Challenges are: Applying for Food Stamps - Applying for Affordable Housing - Applying for your Criminal Record - Applying for Victim Compensation - Applying for a Business License - Data Visualization for Obama Administration Promise Zones - #DataAtWork Workforce Data Initiative

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St. Pete's National Day of Civic Hacking is made possible by the generous support of the following organizations.  If you'd like to be an event sponsor, please review our National Day of Civic Hacking event Sponsor Package here. Thank you!


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