Communication Chief’s Role Description and Responsibilities


Code for Tampa Bay  is the local chapter of the much larger Code for America. Our goal is to help the Tampa Bay community by providing tech solutions. We are mainly volunteer software developers with a passion for working on civic projects. Looking to work on a civic tech project? Join us at our next meeting. We are a network of people making government work for the people, by the people, in the digital age and help our community organizations with innovative technical solutions. 

Role Description

The Communications Chief is mainly responsible for the strategic coordination of all communications that reach prospective members, existing members and potential community organizations or government agencies. The Communications Chief works in tandem with the brigade captain and the leadership team building and maintaining all the brigades forms of social media communication. This is a volunteer position and no compensation is offered.

Role Responsibilities

  1. Create WordPress content based on updates from the brigade and post to all social media accounts
  2. Attend leadership meetings
  3. Contribute to the brigades growth in projects and community

Time Commitment

Code for Tampa Bay holds regular monthly membership meetings and weekly or bi-weekly leadership meetings for strategy planning and brigade updates.  Assuming a match of skills and interests to our needs we require to some degree your availability to attend the leadership meetings and respond to electronic communications in a timely manner. A 2 – 4 hour weekly availability is an estimated time and effort required.

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